Meet the Team


Dental Assistant

I really enjoy interacting with our patients and love establishing connections to make each feel safe and comfortable. Everyone at Braun Orthodontics feels the same: We make treatment fun and enjoyable, while focusing on the best care! I assist Dr. Braun with procedures, provide hands-on care, and handle Invisalign® bondings.

I’m currently a student: working toward my bachelor’s degree and pursuing a career in nursing. I live with my parents, brother, and our little dog, Stella. When I’m not studying, or working, I love to discover new places, play volleyball, and spend the day at the beach with friends.


Dental Assistant

I like working with our patients and helping each develop a healthy smile they love, especially the kids. I enjoy seeing the Invisalign® process and how pleased everyone is with their treatment and results. We have a relaxed environment, in which we all get along and help each other to make sure our patients have a good treatment experience.

I am a foreign-trained dentist, and am currently studying for my master’s degree in orthodontics, with a focus on digital orthodontics. In my free time, I love playing games with my two kids, traveling, and cooking. I also read a lot, like soccer, and enjoy watching American football and basketball.


Front Desk Manager

I enjoy getting to know our patients and their families. I manage our front desk, so I get to see and chat with everyone who comes in. It’s fun to watch smiles grow and see how people change during treatment! Dr. Braun and my coworkers are caring and giving people. We all work hard to make sure our patients have the best experience, from initial consultation to beautiful new smile.

Outside of work, I enjoy time with loved ones, especially my spouse of 25 years, our three cats, and our dog. I love hiking, too, and traveling to the Smoky Mountains.


Business Administrator

I enjoy coming to work and helping patients reach their smile goals. It sounds clichéd, but there is a real different in confidence and attitude from the first day they walk in to the day they get their braces or Invisalign® aligner removed and that new smile appears. It gives everyone at Braun Orthodontics a sense of accomplishment and gratitude to be part of that process! Dr. Braun treats each patient with honesty and integrity, and that dedication holds true for each team member.

I am a husband, father, and small business owner. I tend to be busy, but make time to coach and play soccer.


Insurance Specialist

I like meeting new people and strengthening friendships with our patients and their families. As an insurance specialist, I handle all the paperwork for our patients, and make sure they are able to get the most from their benefits. We have an amazing practice, I think; Dr. Braun and my teammates always put our patients at the forefront and we share a dedication to providing the best treatment and results.

I consider myself a happy person and like to show that to everyone I meet. I have a great husband and three amazing kids, plus a small doggy we call Shadow. I love to craft and be creative, love to watch cartoons and Hallmark movies, and always try to see the good in people.



I am a people person and enjoy everyone I interact with at Braun Orthodontics. I have made many new friends through my work and now think of Dr. Braun and my coworkers as family. I spend my days at the front desk, where I answer calls, schedule appointments, handle incoming mail, and mail out postcards and statements.

I am a very simple person: I enjoy spending time with my family, my fiancé Dan, my little man Boomer who is a pit bull, and my friends. My hobbies include sleeping, napping, snuggling my dog, and watching House Hunters.