Meet Dr. Braun

Thomas Braun, DMD

Changing Lives, One Person and One Smile at a Time

I cannot imagine anything more rewarding than being an orthodontist. The profession allows me to positively impact so many lives, and improve people’s oral health, self-esteem, and enjoyment of life!

After over 30 years of practicing, I am still passionate about what I do. Each patient is important to me as a person, and I appreciate having the time to get to know them.

Having orthodontic treatment is choice, not a dictated medical procedure, so people are here because they want to be. That translates to spending my days with positive and engaged individuals who are excited to see the changes in their smile.

It is incredible to see the transformations that occur during treatment, as the patient moves from feeling self-conscious about teeth to being comfortable with their appearance. From visit to visit, my team and I can see people’s self-esteem blossom as they see the changes in their smile. By the time treatment is finished, each person is brimming with confidence and can’t wait to share their smile with the world!

Education and Experience

My father started this practice in 1960 and I worked here while in high school. Seeing his interactions with patients, and how each person became happier and more outgoing during treatment, inspired me to follow his lead.

I attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, received my Doctorate of Dental Medicine in 1980, and completed my orthodontic training in 1983. After that, I returned to Fairfield and joined my father in this practice.

Innovation, Continual Education, and Professional Affiliations and Activities

One of the most fascinating aspects of orthodontics, I feel, is the constant innovation and development of new treatment options. Staying abreast of the changes in techniques and technology benefits my patients, as I am able to incorporate the best into patient care. This ensures efficient and comfortable treatment, and predictable, stable, and truly beautiful results.

I attend numerous Invisalign® lectures and conferences, as well as the American Association of Orthodontists annual meeting. Additionally, I attend many conferences to learn about the latest in dental technology and have traveled to Germany, Colombia, Brazil, and Japan to learn from leading researchers and practitioners.

I am a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, and Connecticut State Dental Association. These organizations provide access to new and emerging research, updates on trends in oral healthcare, and training in the latest technological options.

Previously, I served as president of the Bridgeport Dental Association and on the board of the State Dental Association.

Beyond the Office

I have spent my life in Fairfield and am glad to have raised my three children here. My two sons are both dentists: Gerald is working locally as a general dentist, and Max is finishing a residency in New York. Leah, my daughter, is a Navy veteran and has a young son.

Family is important to me and to my wife, Jae. We spend much of our time with loved ones and friends. I also enjoy gardening and traveling.

Outside of family and orthodontics, my greatest passion is serving our community. We all live together and can only be successful if we support one another.